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NAMRIA Provident Fund
The NPF is a savings scheme consisting of contributions from both the employees (in monetary form) and the employer (in monetary or non-monetary) intended to supplement retirement or separation benefits of member-employees and provide financial services such as loans.

The NAMRIA Provident Fund (NPF) is established by NAMRIA in March 2014 pursuant to Executive Order (EO) No. 641 issued on July 25, 2007 and Budget Circular No. 2008-3 dated June 20, 2008.

Purpose of NPF
1. Establish and maintain a fund and all earnings thereof for the purpose of distributing the fund and its income exclusively to the members in the form and nature of benefits in case of retirement, resignation, separation or other causes as may be allowed by the Board of Trustees

2. Promote the economic welfare and well-being of its members by extending credit facilities and other benefits for purposes determined and conditions prescribed by the Board of Trustees

3. Raise the level of consciousness of its members on the values of saving, volunteerism, mutual aid, good governance and economic empowerment.
The NPF is open to all NAMRIA permanent employees. Any employee intending to become a member may file an application form to be secured from the Members and Development Committee or this webpage. After approval of the application for membership, the committed monthly contribution will be forwarded to NAMRIA HRMS for payroll deduction.

A member of the NPF shall continue to be a member until his/her retirement, resignation, transfer to other office or his/her membership terminated.
Organizational Structure
The NPF Board of Trustees (BOT) is the highest policy-making body of the organization and is composed of eleven (11) members headed by a Deputy Administrator as Chair and Third Level Representative as Vice-Chair and Chief Executive Officer. Both are designated to the position by the NAMRIA Administrator.

The elected members of the BOT include one (1) Third Level Representative, and two (2) representatives (Second Level and First Level Representatives) from each of the five (5) NAMRIA branches.

Now in its eighth year, the Fund has been led by three Deputy Administrators namely, DA Efren Carandang, DA Jose Cabanayan Jr, and currently DA John Fabic.

The NPF's day-to-day operations are managed by its officers led by the Chief Executive Officer.
Board Of Trustees

DA John SF. Fabic
Dir Ofelia T. Castro
Vice Chairperson
3rd Level Representative
Elena A. Reyes
GISMB 2nd Level Representative
Jasmin D. Lerio
HB 2nd Level Representative
Marieta M. Perez de Tagle
MGB 2nd Level Representative
Marife C. Valentino
RDAB 2nd Level Representative
Lorenzo W. Fernandez
SSB 2nd Level Representative
GISMB 1st Level Representative
Keith C. Lagunday
HB 1st Level Representative
Jay D. Cepe
MGB 1st Level Representative
Marlene V. Esposo
RDAB 1st Level Representative
Jenny P. Insigne
SSB 1st Level Representative
Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer
Dir Ofelia T. Castro
Corporate Secretary
Jasmin D. Lerio
Marieta Perez de Tagle
Jay Cepe
Jenny P. Insigne
Internal Auditor
Kerwin Ferrer
Members and Development Committee
Marife Valentino
Jay Cepe
Jenny Insigne
Aileen Argente
Catherine Yacub
Loans Committee
Elena Reyes
Keith Lagunday
Marife Valentino
Jay Cepe
Jenny Insigne
Employee Welfare and Services Committee
Marlene Esposo
Elena Reyes
Conception Bringas
Ronaldo Gatchalian
Violeta Quiliza
Financial Management and Investments Committee
Lorenzo Fernandez
Marieta Perez de Tagle
Conception Bringas
Agnes Radam
Jasmin Lerio
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